December 12, 2016

Orange Arrangement and More

The Good: An osage orange is artfully surrounded by spiced oranges. The large green fruit is not an orange in spite of its name. It has other names include hedge apple. It's not particularly edible although squirrels sometimes tear into it to eat the seeds.

Orange You Glad?
The Random:  This barn is near Middletown.
The Barn Collective

The Fun: Flash was kind enough to model a paper hat fashioned from a newspaper.


  1. good to see Flash in a rather chippy mood

  2. ...osage orange is such an interesting fruit, its wood was used by Native Americas to make bow for hunting. A red barn with a white fence is a lovely sight. Thanks Linda for stopping by, I hope to see you back again.

  3. The osage orange is very unusual to see this far north, though I do know one place where they grow.

  4. I love those spiced oranges. I haven't made any in quite a while.

  5. We used to push cloves into oranges like that and hang them in net bags to use as air fresheners in closets.

  6. Lovely to see Flash posing for a very nice photo ...

    All the best Jan


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