December 13, 2016

Old Flour Mill

We were surprised to come across this mill while driving a back road south of Winchester, Virginia. It is called Springdale Mill and it dates to 1788.


  1. Oh, what a gorgeousness !
    I so love old buildings of every kind, but especially those in which men, for so long, have worked, their walls have so many stories to tell :) !

    Sending blessings on the remainder of your week, dearest friend
    with much thankfulness

    Xx Dany

  2. Always fun to find something new around you. There were many different types of business around me that are no longer around or used.

  3. i love finding new things on accident! what a great old mill!

  4. Linda, I love to stumble across a mill, something that happens rarely! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you again.

  5. I'm enjoying your pictures of things I've never seen after living in Winchester for 30 years.

  6. I love seeing photo's of these types of buildings.

    All the best Jan


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