October 23, 2016

Two Black and Whites from a Week Ago

This first image is from a store display. Sometimes I'm attracted by glittering things! I'm sharing this with Black and White Weekend.

The second shot shows a modest church along US 522 in West Virginia. It's called the New Vision Baptist Church. I'm sharing it with Inspired Sunday.


  1. Ooo, very nice! I have to admit to quite a bit of the magpie in my character - glitter is GOOD! Lovely shapes and shine.

  2. glittery things catch my eye too!

  3. i always find black and white shots, so mesmerizing to look at. nice! ( ;

  4. That white church stands out well against the background. I like shiny things too. :)

  5. I love the patterns in that first image.

  6. Two quite different shots!
    Thanks for sharing them.

    All the best Jan


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