October 24, 2016

Reposting Jewell Hollow Photos

I've had internet and phone problems today. This afternoon I got so frustrated with Comcast and Consumer Cellular that I stormed out. After a few errands, I went to the library, checked my email, and posted to my blog from my iPad. Ha, that's what I thought! Now I check and the post is not there, even as a draft. So I am reposting these photos, taken yesterday on Skyline Drive.

Meanwhile, we still don't have wifi! Frank's PC is hardwired to the internet so right now I am posting from it.

If anyone cares, my troubles started with a new cell phone. Or perhaps before that, when my husband and Comcast (Xfinity) changed our wifi password a couple months ago. Anyway, after a long struggle in getting my cell phone set up (partly due to long delays reaching Consumer Cellular, our carrier which USED to have good customer service), I tried to connect it to our wifi. I needed the password but Frank had not written it down and neither of us could recall it. (I had the former password but not the current one.) We called Comcast (more holding) and they eventually answered and said to change the password online. We did. But the new password does not work. Now none of our wireless devices work! And each time you try and it doesn't work, you have to tell the phone (Android) to "forget" the network, turn the phone off and back on and start over.

After I got back from the library and had dinner, I tried again. Called Consumer Cellular for help, held for almost a half hour, got advice which didn't work, went back into our Xfinity account, changed the password again, tried it on both my phone and Frank's phone but... it still doesn't work!

Sometimes I hate technology and wish I could just live in the mountains like a hermit! But most of my friends are online. I'll try again. Maybe I'll get my daughter to help, except I think she is off camping in the mountains. Sigh!

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  1. Nice images there! Such a nightmare with technology sometimes and the customer service is terrible in lots of places. Wrong info given lots of times. I having issues and I use the chat option so I have a copy of our issue discussion. Good luck going forward!

  2. Beautiful photos. Sorry about your computer woes.

  3. One of the other bloggers I follow was having no end of problems posting recently. These are beautiful shots.

  4. I'm sorry you are having internet and phone problems. That can be so frustrating. I hope it gets fixed for you soon. Your photos are beautiful--such wonderful views.

  5. The internet is wonderful when it works correctly but so frustrating the times when it doesn't !!!
    Hope things sort themselves out very soon for you.

    In the meantime I did like the views you've shared here.

    All the best Jan

  6. The mountains are beautiful! Hopefully your able to get your internet problems fixed. Sorry your network carrier is giving you so many problems and not actually helping. That can be frustrating.

  7. Your last sentence made me laugh... I bet your daughter can help when she gets down out of the mountains (unless she decides to stay there and become a hermit). Seriously, I do feel your pain...I hate Internet problems .... it really does often seem like a case of can't live with it/can't live without it.

  8. Such a pretty area. Loved the first photo. Oh yes technology can sometimes make you feel that way. Hope you get it all straightened out soon.

  9. Sorry you have so many problems with the connection! Can't wait till they invent something that will make internet and phone automatic! My internet starts wavering whenever we have rain or a storm. I love your second shot! Thank you much (and grateful!) you were able to share it with ALL SEASONS! Much appreciated:) Hope the rest of the week will go smoother:)


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