October 1, 2016

Theme Day: Abandoned

Black and White Weekend
It's theme day at City Daily Photo and the October challenge is "Abandoned." The realistic photo looked so depressing that I added a "Find Edges" filter in Photoshop which brightened the porch and windows so much that it looks like electric lights are turned on! I like it much better but it doesn't look abandoned any more.

The house has window panes missing and hasn't  been painted in decades but it looks fairly solid. My guess is that the owner was elderly and stopped doing maintenance long before leaving the house behind. There is an extensive collection of bottles on the porch.

I like to think that a relative will move into the house and fix it up. However, it is in a fairly remote area where many residents have left in order to be close to jobs.


  1. It's a nice-looking house, I hope someone will want it. Your two pictures have really different atmospheres.

  2. I love what you did to the photo, it looks fantastic!

  3. I always wonder why they left when I see these homes,a place where lives once flourished

  4. so pretty linda...there are so many houses of that exact style around here!

  5. Neat photos. I always wonder what the stories are behind abandoned houses.


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