October 1, 2016

Another Look at Summer Critters

Summer is over and the air is chilly. We just had several days of rain. Let me post some summertime pictures of local creatures before we get into the fall foliage season.

First, two pictures of the same bird. She had a nest under the eaves of a building and she was carrying food for the little ones.

The second bird is a robin perched in our back yard.

Next we have someone's friendly dog enjoying an outdoor concert.

Below we return to birds with one perched in a cemetery.

I hope someone will tell me the name of this last bird. He appears to be watching for fish.


  1. Hello Linda!:) Great shot of the blackbird on the headstone, and relaxed handsome dog.
    Perhaps your mystery bird is some kind of thrush, but I can't be sure.

  2. The bird on the headstone is perfect!

  3. Hello, nice variety of birds. I like the cute dog, robin and your last bird is a Brown Thrasher. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Indeed...a brown thrasher, I agree.

    Excellent images.

    Sharing this post was much appreciated for us birders this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'....for that, I thank you.

  5. I love that beautiful brown thrasher too. we have them here but don't see one very often. Enjoy your afternoon!

  6. Great bird photos. I like the one of the robin. That dog does look sweet and friendly.

  7. The last bird in particular has beautiful feathers! Neat to see the one in the cemetery as well. My grandpa used to have a dog like the one pictured--she was so nice and friendly!

  8. Nice summer critters! I love the robin in your garden!


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