August 28, 2016

This Afternoon in Winchester

Today we drove to Winchester (Virginia) for a music show at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. I also stopped to get pictures of a church for Inspired Sunday.

This is the Mountain View Church of Christ, a large church with an adjacent school. The school must be successful; it just started its 25th year.

There are two grand entrances to the church, one from the parking lot and another (with flags flying) facing U.S. Route 11.

The reason we set out for Winchester was to attend an outdoor concert at the MSV.  We are members of the museum so our tickets were very inexpensive. The band was a bluegrass trio called Bud's Collective and they put on an enjoyable show.. 

Sharing with Sundays in My City

Between the museum and Glen Burnie are these fine farm buildings. I took the picture above for The Barn Collective even though I've photographed them before.


  1. It is a wonderful place to spend time:)

  2. You can photograph a barn over and over again and it can look different! Thanks Linda for sharing this lovely red barn. I hope there are more out there!

  3. i enjoy the flag shot. i would love to hear some tunes. looks like fun!! ( ;

  4. The mandolin player hammed it up for your shot. Nice selection today

    1. His name is Jack Dunlap and although he's young, he does wonderful things with the mandolin.

  5. A good day to hear some great music.

  6. I bet their music was good!

    All the best Jan

  7. Looks like you all enjoyed the music at the museum... Looked like you had a pretty day to do that...

    Hope you have a great week. I published a blog post this morning showing some of our Hostas....


  8. From the name of the church and its general style, I'm assuming it's pentecostal.

  9. Bluegrass is always a good choice.

  10. That's a pretty church. The outdoor concert sounds like fun. I'd enjoy that, I think.

  11. That church reminds me of a Abbey not that far from where I live


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