August 29, 2016

Random-osity at Summer's End

The Good: My trail camera has not seen any unwanted intruders all summer.  Last year it photographed a bear but this year the bears have stayed in other people's yards, mostly closer to the river. I did see a small bear in our neighborhood but it was a couple of blocks from here.

Over the last couple of months, the camera has only caught us, our invited guests, birds (mostly geese), and a cat. Of course, it also recorded hundreds of pictures of the tree in various changes of light and breeziness.

The Random: I've scheduled surgery to remove the bone spur on top of my foot. X-rays showed it has split in two! Pain has prevented me from walking more than short distances for most of the summer, which ruined my fitness program and many plans for fun.

I am getting a second opinion and can also cancel the surgery if the spur shrinks on its own. It actually started feeling better when I put magnesium oil on it, and I once had a heel spur that went away after I started wearing special insoles.

This spur seems to have resulted from frequently twisting my ankle, which the doctor says also caused a pad of scar tissue on my ankle. (Oddly, I was relieved when he told me that because I thought it was fat!)

The Fun: We went to the Virginia Air Show on Saturday near Front Royal. Stunts including some from the visiting Flying Circus were quite a spectacle!

A woman in a red jumpsuit did a courageous wing walking act and daring stunt pilot Bill Finigin made me nervous with his free falls and dives.

I'm glad we went even though the heat was uncomfortable and some soreness came back to my foot.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    The airshow looked like a lot of fun, not sure about the wing walking though. Your random section interested me because my left foot has a lump just like the one on your right! I thought it was arthritis now I'm goging to ask dr. google all about bone spurs and see what he comes up with. Don't you love learning stuff from other bloggers/
    Have a great week & thanks for joining me for Mosaic Monday.

  2. Wing walking in not on my list at all :) I hope your foot improves without the surgery.

  3. I haven't been to an air show in ages.

  4. Those old planes really appeal to me!

  5. Sorry you must be in pain regularly:( Oof - stunts always make me nervous, but I forget they like to do it! Love airshows, they show such skill!

  6. Fantastic shots of the aerial show!!

  7. I do hope you can avoid the surgery!

  8. I hope the doctor can get your foot free from pain again. I like some parts of air shows, but I'm like you--other parts make me nervous.

  9. I am glad you have no unwanted visitors this year. Your poor foot-praying the spur goes away on its own. And air shows are fun.

  10. It's been years since I visited an air show. This looks as if it were a very good one. Your photos are wonderful.

  11. Air shows can be fun to watch, and a little nerve wracking. Hope your foot heals on its own.

  12. I hope your foot will heal without surgery. If not good luck with it, I hope everything goes as planned. Thank you for linking up with "Through My Lens"

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