August 15, 2016

In and Of Historic Winchester

We happened to find this mural outside a parking garage in Winchester, Virginia. It depicts some of the city's historic buildings. Let's start at the far left and take a closer look. 

I believe the church on the left (above) is the Lutheran Church that I showed last month. It's not far from this mural.

On the left of this image is another building I have shared here, the Handley Library.

This must be George Washington's Office, from a time when he was young and not yet famous.  A plaque on the upper corner tells us who created the mural.
Monday Murals


  1. This style mural is becoming quite popular around here too.

  2. That's a very nice mural. It's interesting that it depicts a bit of history as well.

  3. Fun to see a different take of photos you have taken

  4. Nice mural that shows the history of some of the town's buildings. Great for tourists to see.

  5. Oh I recognise some of these as we had a quick visit to Winchester on vacation in July! nice mural!

  6. Thanks for the history lesson. It was good to involve teens in this project. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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