August 16, 2016

Everyday Treasures around Strasburg

The town of Strasburg is surrounded by rural areas. This cow, however, actually lives on a small farm in town. I was told it was a pet!

The third picture shows a farm that is outside of town, almost to Middletown, which is the next town down the Valley Pike.

The house with the columns is in Strasburg. I can't get an unobscured shot because of the trees.

The final three pictures are all ones that I took while stuck in traffic when I was driving into town.

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  1. Not far to go to find a cow where I live.None of the surrounding towns are over 2000

  2. I like that pet cow. He looks like he knows what he's doing and seems to say by looking back, "you got a problem with that".

  3. Linda, thanks for sharing all these treasured sights from your neck of the woods. The architecture is a treat.

  4. Beautiful houses and countryside, and I like the chair swing in your first photo.

  5. I love that double swing. I'd like to sit there.

  6. Hello, I love the cattle and the cute swing. The Blue house is gorgeous. Wonderful photos.


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