July 26, 2016

Formerly the Jefferson Security Bank

The old bank building is Shepherdstown looks like a Tuesday Treasure to me! Constructed in 1906 in the Beaux Arts style, it was the town's main bank for many years. Then it became the Yellow Brick Bank Restaurant, which added colorful touches but eventually closed. Now it is a Mexican Restaurant. This is on the corner of East German Street and Princess Street.

You can see it on the far left of this view of Princess Street, which becomes Shepherdstown Pike. We follow it when we are heading home through Charles Town.


  1. Such a wonderful find. Love the small town atmosphere.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Linda, in the past things were built with style and this is a wonderful example. It's nice to see that the building hasn't been altered much. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you will stop by again soon.

  3. You have me puzzled:
    Is it LinJa or LinDA ????
    BTW, is ther another mosaic floating in your head :-)

    Yes, as Tom says: dignity and style are missing these days. It is all about the architects and their ego; never mind us who have to live with the buildings they create nowadays.

    1. My name is Linda but there are so many photobloggers with my name so I comment as Linja. Thanks for the moasic reminder.

  4. That building is priceless!

  5. Beautiful architecture! I thought it odd to call the restaurant the Yellow Brick Rest. since I can't see any yellow bricks, but I do love the yellow trim. I am glad it is still being used and not allowed to crumble and fall like so many!


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