June 23, 2016

The Battle of Meadow Mills

Skywatch Shot with Cannon Fire
This fictitious battle was acted out at Cedar Creek on June 5, 2016. But in our imaginations it took place 240 years earlier during the American Revolution.

The folks who staged this event did a good job and I appreciate the photo ops. See also my earlier post about the encampment.

Near Middletown, Virginia


  1. Great shots of the re-enactment.

  2. these are wonderful Linda.

  3. Hello, these are awesome captures of the re-enactment. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. These photos are fascinating!

  5. I can just imagine the sound of the artillery.

  6. This is amazing....I would totally enjoy every minute. Thanks for taking the time to share all this [and your previous post] with us.

  7. How neat are these!? The 6 redcoats shot is my fave...


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