May 30, 2016

Abolitionist Heroes

This mural is within sight of the one I shared last week showing Civil War officers. Was this painted as a response to the other one? I'd like to know but I don't even know who painted either of them.

This certainly appears to depict Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. On the side wall we see a woman in profile. My guess is that she is Rebecca Wright of Winchester, Virginia.

I photographed these from the parking lot behind Jim Barb Realty in Berryville.

Sharing with Monday Murals


  1. Wonderful and inspiring mural!

  2. Douglass and Tubman are two important people in this area.

  3. Nice way to show important people from history.

  4. I agree with Halcyon, nice way to depict historical figures.

  5. Excellent portraits of two important figures in our history. Don't you love it that Tubman will be on our $20 bill? Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  6. Amazing mural, so beautifully done and so very meaningful, thank you for sharing this photograph of yours, sweet Linda !!!

    Hope you're having a lovely week I'm sending my dearest love to you

    xox - Dany

  7. Neat historical murals! It would be interesting to know if these were done as a response to the other one.

  8. I prefer this one, though I'm not aware of their history.

  9. Love that van painted with the flag on it. Very cool.


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