April 11, 2016

Mountain Monday and Pet Day

The Good: April 11 is National Pet Day! Flash looks happy about it! He also looks handsome enough for Mersad's linkup, Through My Lens.

The Random:  I read that it's #MountainMonday so here's a barn with a rocky ridge of the Massanutten Range behind it. 

Fort Valley, VA
Sharing with The Barn Collective

Speaking of mountains, our local mountains offer many opportunities for Fun. Here's a collage with mountain pictures for Mosaic Monday. There are also some fine trees for NF Trees and Bushes.

Have a good week!


  1. Linda in these big valleys a barn almost looks lost, such wonderful views. Thanks for sharing this week please return again soon.

  2. Hello, I love your cute Flash! Pretty shots of the barn and mountains. Enjoy your day!

  3. Lovely barn and mountain! Flash is looking pretty good too!

  4. What a wonderful mix...Flash is adorable...he would want me to say handsome I am sure! Love the mountain views to!

    and LivingFrom Happiness

  5. A great mix of things! Hi Flash. :)

  6. Nice photo of Flash! Looks like he smiled for your camera.

  7. Flash is flashing his smile for you. I love those bright yellow forsythia bushes in your collage.

  8. I admire the landscape when there are mountains in the background, where we live the land is pretty flat except for a few hills.

  9. that´s a happy face. Thanks for the smile and the trees :)


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