April 11, 2016

Ghost Sign and Two Almost-Murals

It's time for Monday Murals and I have a faded brick ad to show you. This is in New Market, Virginia and it reads "Henkel Press" and below that "Shenandoah Valley." After that are some numbers that have been painted over at least once so I cannot decipher them.

Henkel Press was a publisher in New Market for many years, starting in 1806. The founders were sons of the minister Paul Henkel who I mentioned recently.

Next we have a blackboard that I saw at a student art show in Front Royal. Looks like the student artists were expressing themselves here.

The final picture shows graffiti on a vertical rock beside the Valley Pike in Strasburg. It's poignant because it marks the site of a fatal accident. Friends and classmates of the victim painted tributes on the rock. 

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  1. I only wish that I could read that neat ghost sign

  2. It's fascinating how long those ghost signs do endure.

  3. I like the blackboard art. It's sad about the rock graffiti. Perhaps it helps someone to express their feelings there.

  4. Ghost signs and flash mob art! Cool. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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