March 17, 2016

Three Pictures From March 2015

A Year Ago... 

I'm clearing some files off my computer and I don't know if I ever got around to posting these.
  1. Little Ben is no longer around but I still miss him sometimes.
  2. These tall straight trees stand at milepost 8 on Skyline Drive. I posted a springtime view of this forest in May.
  3. I've pictured other views of this tree before. It's in our yard.
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  1. Lovely dogs and a lovely sky. Have a great weekend!

  2. I hear you. I still miss some of my pets that died years ago. They stay in your heart.

  3. Looks like two older dogs. Having a couple pups around has been fun, until I noticed the biggest pup had been laying in the chickens area. Phew!

  4. I'm glad you found these in your archives and shared them with us. I always find forgotten photos when going through my archives.

  5. Sometimes it is good to look back at photo's, three good ones here.

    All the best Jan

  6. That's a sweet picture of Ben. I love the way the sky looks in the last picture.

  7. Sweet photo of Little Ben, I can relate to you still missing him. Your sky photo is lovely as is the one of the trees.


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