March 18, 2016

Overlook Sunset

These scenes are from a week ago. I took the first two photos at Dickey Ridge, the northernmost visitor center on Skyline Drive.

As the sky darkened, I drove toward Front Royal and stopped at the last overlook before you leave the park.  A deer was grazing there and very kindly stepped out from the shadows so I could photograph him with the lights of town and the Shenandoah River below us.

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  1. So delightful! What gorgeous shots.

  2. What a nice setting for these photos. Love the deer!

  3. Gorgeous photos! So peaceful and beautiful.

  4. I could never get tired of views like that. That last shot is stunning- could be an early candidate for one of your best of the year!

  5. Nice spot for a sunset view, and good company too. - Margy

  6. Beautiful shots, great view, I love the deer.

  7. Gorgeous shots, I like the melding of color in the first

  8. Stunning shots, my dear Linda, I'm so grateful to you for sharing !

    May your weekend be filled with love and joy
    sending gentle hugs to you


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