March 28, 2016

The View from St. Peter's

Yesterday's post was about the stunning church that overlooks Harpers Ferry, WV.  We were there on a beautiful afternoon so I got many colorful images that I want to share. Let's use the format of The Good, The Random and The Fun.

The Good: The view from the church is spectacular! You can see the Shenandoah River and the point where it meets the Potomac. The historic town lies before you, much of it preserved by the National Park Service. In the distance are hills of two different states, Maryland and Virginia.

I'm sharing the first image with Mosaic Monday.

The Random: On the Maryland cliffs is the "ghost" of an old advertising sign painted in 1906 for "Mennen’s Borated Talcum Toilet Powder." The word Powder is still legible, in spite of efforts made in 1963 to remove the paint. Read about it on this Park Service page.

Sharing with Monday Murals

The Fun:  Many of my readers are photo-bloggers and they know that taking pictures is fun! This woman was composing a picture of the church.


  1. The rock face shot made me laugh at my own 'jumped to' conclusion! I though - why is there a water mark on that picture it spoils it! Then I read the post and found out what it was!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. my doesn't that look like fun, knelling to take a photo

  3. I haven't been to Harper's Ferry in a few years. The mosaic is lovely, as is the sign and smiled at a fellow photographer's enthusiasm and could relate. I doubt my knees could take that pose any more though :)

  4. Hello, I always enjoy the Harper's Ferry area. The river scenes are beautiful. The church is pretty. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. What an interesting ghost sign. Love the layout of your collage.

  6. Stunning views around Harpers Ferry.

  7. Those are very old looking stone steps leading up to the church.

  8. Harpers Ferry is such a beautiful place. A favorite of mine.

  9. I love your mosaic, Linda. Nicely done!


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