March 27, 2016

St. Peter's Church, Harpers Ferry

This Roman Catholic Church sits high on a hill overlooking Harpers Ferry, WV. If you've ever climbed the steps to Jefferson's Rock, you've seen it.

The church was completed in 1833 and remodeled in 1896.

During the Civil War, the church displayed the British Union Jack flag as a symbol of neutrality, neither Union nor Confederate. A portion of the interpretive sign is devoted to John Brown's Raid which took place in the town in 1859.


  1. Gorgeous shots of this beautiful historic church with a great name!

  2. What a fantastic church! I love the architecture and it's great that it has such a colorful history.

  3. i love harper's ferry...such a neat place and yep, we've climbed those steps! love the shot with the shadow!

  4. Does look a nice church and great view in your 4th photo.

    All the best Jan

  5. Wonderful looking old church, looks almost English

  6. Your top shot looks pretty enough to be a postcard. Beautiful.

  7. That steeple tops off a beautiful building


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