March 14, 2016

Middle March Random-osity

The Good: I love tree-lined roads! This is Indian Ridge Road between Mauzy and Harrisonburg. I imagine that our famed Valley Pike once looked like this before it was widened. I'm sharing these cedars with Nature's Footsteps Trees and Bushes.

The Random: We stopped at Bob Evans Restaurant for lunch. I noticed this mural and snapped it with my cell phone for Monday Murals.

The Fun: I enjoy the surprises that I see when I look at the pictures captured by my trail cam. I've moved it since the last batch of movement-triggered photos so we get to see something other than grass!
Click the see a large version.

Above we see (1) just a tree, (2) a muscovy duck, (3) tree at night, (4) tree in snow, (5) me, and (6) some small critter's eyes in the dark. I'm sharing this collage with Mosaic Monday.

Below we see the critter, apparently an opossum. And finally we have what I think is a fox.


  1. Nice capture on the trail cam.We got a bobcat last week, they are real sneaky.

  2. Each time I see a post with trail cam images in it, I want one. How long till Christmas?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. There's always something nice when you see 'an avenue' of trees.
    Like the barn shot too!
    Trail cam pics are always interesting.

    Enjoy the rest of your day ...

    All the best Jan

  4. I think it is interesting what all you capture on the trail cam. Cool pictures!

  5. Lots of nice snaps. I like your mural!

  6. I love tree lined roads too. I have always wanted a tree lined driveway, they are so attractive. Great trail cam photos. We need to get ours set up again. When we first moved here we captured a deer and a turtle, I was told that it's a snapping turtle in our pond and he's a decent size. We deleted many photos before we finally figured out what was causing the camera to go off lol. Have a great week, Kelly.

  7. That is a pretty tree lined road. Lots of critters I see. I saw a rd fox at my dad's house once-it was a delightful surprise.


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