March 15, 2016

An Old Cemetery in a Golf Course

The Front Royal Golf Course has some old stone walls that enclose an old cemetery. I almost gave up on finding information on this feature but I changed my search terms and came up with the nomination document (1992) for the Front Royal Recreational Park Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places, which includes this paragraph:
"The Hand-Ash family cemetery is about a quarter mile south of the abandoned shelter. The cemetery is overgrown with trees and shrubs and pitted with groundhog borrows and is not maintained. A dry-laid limestone wall surrounding the graveyard is in good condition except on the south side, where stones have been removed."
It was not overgrown when we happened upon it, so I think it is now maintained to some extent. I noticed grave markers for George A. Ash, Mary H. Ash, Buckner Ash, Emily J. Ash, and Elizabeth Hand, all born in the 19th century.


  1. There are so many old cemeteries tucked away. I found one right next to a freeway in Tempe, Arizona, when I was hiking. - Margy

  2. Nice find! Old cemeteries are nice and peaceful and I enjoy walking through them. Glad someone has done some cleanup on the old cemetery.

  3. Linda. it's interesting how old cemeteries become islands in a sea of development, still standing tell their story. You are so fortunate to live in such a historic area filled with treasures. Thanks for sharing and please hurry back.

  4. I often wonder who were the people in these areas. A friend maintains all the small cemeteries in his county.

  5. We find lots of old cemeteries when we hike (searching for waterfalls)... I am always sad when we pass by one that is not kept up... Glad they have done some work on the one you saw.

  6. It is fascinating that you were able to find information about this.

  7. It is good that someone's keeping this one up.


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