February 28, 2016

Walking Third Winchester

Today was beautifully warm, almost a shock for February. Naturally I wanted to take a walk but recent rains have left trails muddy. Knowing that there was a paved path at Third Winchester Battlefield, we headed there. The parking lot on Redbud Road was almost full, and we saw many people walking or riding bikes.

The Battlefield was preserved for its Civil War history but it is very much enjoyed as a park and natural area.

We saw many dogs on the trail, enjoying the outdoors with their owners. We only walked as far as Redbud Run. I've walked other portions of the trail on earlier occasions, starting at the school complex on First Woods Drive. (See all my Third Winchester posts.)

My tracking app said we walked 1.52 miles.

Redbud Run


  1. A beautiful place to walk in mild and sunny weather but I'm sure it is especially pretty in summer.

  2. A nice day to walk in a beautiful place.

  3. It is muddy here as well. It was a beautiful day yesterday!

  4. I enjoyed your pictures. We had a beautiful day here yesterday too. So nice to see the sunshine!

  5. it seems a great walk indeed


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