February 28, 2016

Berryville Baptist Church

When we were driving through Berryville, I spotted this gleaming steeple and just had to go back and take a picture. I recalled that I had taken a picture of this church before and found one in my picture folders. That's the second picture.

Notice how the spire has been shined up since I took a picture last year. It appears to be covered in copper squares, and they oxidize over time.

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  1. Quite a spire!

    Yes, they shine for a year and then become brown. Over many years they become green

  2. Beautiful church, and great photos!

  3. those doors are almost yellow looking. neat look. ( :

  4. It's surprising how much difference there is between the spire that has been shined up and the one that hasn't. Looks so pretty with the copper revealed.


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