February 15, 2016

It's the Third Monday in February

The Good: It's President's Day, so I'm sharing this sculpture of George Washington as a young man. This stands on the grounds of his office in Winchester, Virginia, which he used while supervising the construction of nearby Fort Loudoun in 1755-56. The fort was built to protect the town during the French and Indian War.

The Random: At Sylvia's Pets in Harrisonburg, there's a long mural over the fish tanks showing aquatic scenes.  I'm sharing this with Monday Murals, which always has fun and interesting artwork to enjoy.

The Fun: The town of Woodstock has a new sculpture,  a hiker made of stones. The artist is Craig Gray and he calls this Pac-Man – he represents a backpacker.


  1. I really like that hiker made of rocks!

  2. An unusual sculpture, that pac man!

    George does look young.

  3. The mural there is quite pretty.

  4. Pac-man is awesome and creative!

  5. That stone man is amazing. Someone went to great thought to create him.

  6. I remember the statue of George Washington from our visit to Winchester. The backpacker sculpture is fascinating.


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