January 22, 2016

Something Told the Wild Geese

When I walked the dog this morning, flocks of geese were flying overhead. After we came inside, I went to the window and took pictures of the activity on the lake. Canada geese were busily flying and splashing down and taking off, much more than they usually do at this time of morning. They knew change was coming.

We've been hearing about the weather system for days. A major winter storm was on the way. Snow was predicted to reach our part of Virginia around noon.

It did. The forecasters were right and so were the geese.
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  1. Nice shots of the geese! I have heard (and seen) large flocks passing over us. i have thought for a long time that they follow US 15 on their flight north.

  2. The snow looks really thick in that last shot!

  3. Love this series of great pictures!

    Are they reacting to the change of atmospheric pressure?

  4. The birds and other animals always seem to know what's coming.


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