January 22, 2016

Our First Big Snow of the Season

Is a Really Big Snow!

(Across the Street to the Right, Zoomed)
Thanks to technology, weather services gave us plenty of notice that a huge snowstorm was due today. It will continue through tonight and tomorrow and provide a huge (to us) amount of snow. Since it didn't begin until noon, we only had about six inches by sundown. We heeded the pleas of highway officials and stayed home.

One thing I did this afternoon was taking pictures (of course). Since temperatures were below freezing, I stayed inside and took them out the windows. Fortunately we have good views in several directions
A tiny glass kangaroo posed for me in a house plant.
View from our Family Room
Since I had filled our bird feeders and put up four additional ones, plenty of birds visited our yard. This handsome one is a red-bellied woodpecker.

If you're in the storm's path, I hope you stay safe and warm.


  1. The 'roo is a little out of place I think - although if the truth be told we do get snow here - just not all over the place, or as much as you seem to be getting!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. The birds are going to be glad of your additional feeders!

  3. Nice shot of the woodpecker! Stay safe and warm out there!

  4. Love the first shot! Stay save from the snowstorm.

  5. It hadn't been as heavy for us today but the wind is causing drifts. I put out bird seed too.

  6. Nice to see what is happening in your neck of the woods (western Va.), Linda. Lots of snow. We have some but not much. It's still nice to look at out the window. I am surely not going out in this stuff.

  7. The birds will appreciate the food. The storm appears to be missing us- nothing forecast here until Monday at least.

  8. great pictures. I forgot to put my bird feeder out - will do it tomorrow. I like the woodpecker shot, those birds amaze me, I love'm.
    I stayed inside and took pictures too.
    Stay warm

  9. It is freezing at our house and it is not going to warm up tomorrow. I bet schools are closed for a week at this rate.Loved you snow photos. It really was a beautiful snow yesterday and today.

  10. We got an early taste of your storm yesterday. We got about 5 inches here on the Plateau, which is more than enough to shut everything down for a couple of days. Hopefully we can get out by tomorrow afternoon.

  11. Shooting inside-out is the smart/safe thing to do. Rochester, NY missed the brunt of the storm...my sympathies to those further south.

  12. Great shots of the snow. That first one really shows how hard it is coming down.


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