January 3, 2016

Limeton, VA

Limeton is a small town south of Front Royal. It's near Shenandoah River State Park as well as a site beside the South Fork on which paleo-Indian artifacts have been found

The Limeton Community Church has a drive-through box for prayer requests.

There are some pretty farms nearby.

This farm looked so inviting I drove closer for another look.
Sharing with The Barn Collective

This barn has fallen on hard times.
This one still looks solid.


  1. I do like the drive though box for Prayers

  2. Lots of interesting things here, starting with the lovely church. Drive up box for prayer requests...a first for me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Virginia barns. Happy Barn Hunting in 2016 Linda.

  3. i love the pray box, that is too great! i wonder how often they get notes? ( :
    i love your train track angle very neat shot.
    i enjoy the stone work. very cool. Happy New Year, Linda. have a great one.

  4. Nice barns! I really like that 4th picture, the long view of the farm.

  5. A drive through box for prayer requests is something different.

  6. The farms are really pretty. I've never heard of a drive-through box for prayer requests!

  7. You have fine looking photographs. I especially like the one with the rail road tracks. Keep looking for interesting barns.

  8. Strange .... the box for prayers:) I do like the images, especially number 1 and 6.


  9. How I love these views...they remind of where I grew up near Cumberland Gap, TN

  10. i like the drive by prayer box and the image after it is so beautiful.

  11. what a sweet little church nestled there in the countryside. Love the train track and the old barns. My favorite is the one that is on its last leg.


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