December 17, 2015

Nash Dealer in Strasburg

dash signWe were surprised when the old Nash sign on this building was rehabilitated. Then a classic car appeared in the big window. It turns out that this building on Front Royal Road used to be a Nash Dealership and the owner's grandson has refurbished the building and stocked it with classic cars. (For readers too young to have heard of a Nash, it was a popular car in the 1950's.)

The now-sparkling dealership was open for the Strasburg Holiday Heritage Tour.
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  1. That's the first I've heard of the brand. Interesting looking car.

  2. What a cool place. Great idea of a way to put the building to good use.

  3. I am checking out that garage floor. I need something like that in my garage.

  4. Not a car you see very often. Nice that there's a family connection.


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