December 17, 2015

Four Mile House

Sometimes called Mt. Prospect, Four Mile House was built in 1840. It's best known as the place where Confederate staff officer Sandie Pendleton was taken after being mortally wounded during the Battle of Fisher's Hill (1864). From there he was taken to Woodstock, where he died the next day.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the history of this place! It is a pretty place & nice views beyond the picket!

  3. Wonderful post and a beautiful old farmhouse. Thanks for sharing the history. Great fence shots. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. really pretty place and nice view, too!

  5. It looks much like it would have been in his day.

  6. Adoro casas antigas e suas histórias!
    Bom Natal! bj

  7. Looks like a neat old farmhouse.

  8. They sure don't build homes like they used to. That one looks so sturdy.... still!


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