October 27, 2015

The View from Kentuck Knob

We visited Kentuck Knob in Pennsylvania on Friday. The house is known for being designed by Frank Lloyd Wright who was the architect for the more famous Falling Water, which is nearby.

The house on Kentuck Knob is surrounded by trees. A path leads to a spectacular viewpoint.

It was a fantastic day to be in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania! Autumn colors were at their peak. We did not visit Falling Water this time because we've been there before, but if you find yourself in southwestern Pennsylvania, you'll enjoy touring both places. Spend several days if you can — nearby Ohiopyle State Park is beautiful and historic Fort Necessity is worth a visit.
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  1. Gorgeous views, and great weather!

  2. Thanks Linda for sharing these beautiful views with us. I hope that you can keep them coming.

  3. funny to post this because just yesterday my boys were talking about falling waters and want to go see it...the twins have a thing for architecture which i love...anyways, i didn't know that he had another house nearby! beautiful shots!

    1. Yes, they are managed by the same conservancy. If possible, get tickets ahead of time, although we were told none were available that afternoon. We drove up anyway and got tickets at the visitor center.

  4. Beautiful countryside and this is also now on my bucket list. Thank you Linda!

  5. What delicious autumn foliage!

  6. What a place to be! I could sure use some time there.

  7. glad you enjoyed your visit to our beautiful state. beautiful photos.

  8. beautiul place dressed in fall colors. It the shadow in the first image is a person those trees are huge :)


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