May 2, 2015

Doggie Updates

cocker spanielBen is feeling better. The various medications he takes are helping. His appetite is back and he's gained some of the weight that he lost. He is breathing easily again.

With congestive heart failure, he will not recover completely, but at least he is more comfortable now.  An unfortunate side-effect of the diuretic he takes is that he needs to urinate frequently so that means extra trips outside.

Meanwhile, our other do is having some problems. He can no longer jump up on the couch, for example. He's about 13 years old so I guess that is not unusual.

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  1. Aww, poor babies. My dad's dog Theda is 11 now. She's still doing o.k., but sometimes things happen to let one know.

  2. Cute doggies..I am glad Ben is feeling better.. Thank you for linking up, have a happy day!

  3. Gorgeous dogs - glad Ben is feeling better, sounds like you need to plant an extra tree outside the front door for him!
    Wren x

  4. Lovely dogs and I amglad Ben is feeing better.

  5. I am sure they get lots of extra hugs that help.

  6. i love those feet. i guess they are similar to basset hound feet? i am not a dog knower kind of person. only loved them from afar ... i have only had fish and guinea pig. ha. ha!! i would love to try my chances at a pug or small dog. ( :

    1. He is a basset-beagle mix. His nails grow quickly! I get them trimmed every 4 weeks.

  7. it is tough to watch them get old.

  8. Old age is tough for all!

  9. Cute dogs! I'm glad Ben is feeling better. Old age is not easy on anyone.

  10. My dogs are aging as well. We have four! Nice to see that yours are receiving love and care :)

  11. Dogs are such sweet friends. It's hard to see them struggle when they get older. Our little poodle is losing his vision.


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