May 2, 2015

Buzzard Rock Trail

We've often passed the sign for Buzzard Rock Trail on Mountain Road when taking the scenic route to Front Royal. In early April we decided to take a short walk on the trail to check it out. We did not attempt to hike to the top; we just wanted to stretch our legs and enjoy a spring day.

The first section of the trail crosses a stream several times.  It goes up a hill through the woods. We probably walked a half mile up or less. To reach the view point, we would have had to go two miles.

This is a fairly popular trail on weekends but on the day we were there we only saw one family there.


  1. i like your husband's walking stick.

  2. I would certainly like to walk that trail. Looks a great place for a hike.

  3. Yes, I love hiking, I practice weekly, beautiful photos !!

  4. Quite a pleasant place for a hike!


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