April 7, 2015

Vulture and Trees

bird flying over trees

Nature's Footstep Photo has a new meme: Trees and Bushes. I decided to join the challenge with these pictures I took at the state arboretum on Sunday. You can see the stage that our trees are in right now, with the deciduous trees just starting to bud out. The evergreens, of course, keep their green needles all year.

Sharing with NF Trees and Bushes

Near Boyce, Virginia


  1. You will have to show us that tree again Linda when it is in flower. Great you were able to capture the hawk

  2. Oh Pretty, your Daffodils are blooming. I seen mine are in bud.

  3. fine trees and I like the siluett of the vulture.

    I´m a but confused. is your name Linda of Linja? Or both :)

  4. Terrific perspective in these shots!

  5. NF, my name is Linda but there are a number of bloggers with that name so often I use Linja, which is one of my AOL nicknames.

  6. The branches are very pretty against the blue sky.


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