April 12, 2015

Re-enactor, USCT

Robert Wright

During the Civil War, African-Americans serving as Union soldiers were in the USCT, United States Colored Troops. By the end of the war, they made up about 10% of the manpower of the Union Army. 


  1. Didnt they call the Buffalo Soldiers. Good on hime doing the re-enacting

  2. Excellent portrait! I love his expression.

  3. Great photo! Have a happy week!

  4. That's a great portrait shot!

  5. They called them the Buffalo Soldiers when such men ended up serving out west in the years after the War. I know one regiment spent time protecting national parks and enforcing the rules. An excellent portrait of this man.

    A fitting post considering we're at the end of the 150th anniversary of those years.

  6. Nice black and white portrait!

  7. Interesting, I didn't know this.


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