April 13, 2015

From Slavery to Freedom

In Loudoun County, Virginia

speaker at program

manor houseThere were two related events that we attended Saturday, one at Oatlands and the second at a nearby church on Gleedsville Road. Both featured speakers and music, followed by the unveiling of a Civil War Trails Marker.

Oatlands was once part of a plantation owned by Robert Carter III and his descendants. You can find a link to a database of names of enslaved people known to have worked on the plantation on the Oatlands website.

At Saturday's ceremony, descendants of people who once labored there were invited to unveil the marker. It is headlined "The Enslaved at Oatlands" with the subtitle "Passing on Dreams of Freedom to their Descendants."  After the Civil War, some of the newly-free people built a village nearby named  Gleedsville.


  1. Interesting and a nice posting. The way YOU composed the photo of the mansion is great! Well seen and well done.

  2. That mansion is just beautiful, especially in all that nature.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. oh, how moving that must have been!

  4. I would have been moved to have attended these.


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