December 30, 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2014

I'm trying to choose a "Photo of the Year" (POTY) for City Daily Photo's upcoming theme day. Some bloggers are using the photo that got the most hits. Let's see what I come up with if I use that method.

Mission Style Lamp got the most hits. I'm not going to select this as POTY because it's not typical of my blog and I think people are getting there accidentally while shopping for a lamp.

Also popular but not typical posts are Shadow Shot in Black and White and Macro with Red Background. Both are abstracts; I like them but I don't know why they drew viewers to the blog.

Next we have Artifacts from the Battle of Cool Spring. This post reflects my interest in Civil War history but the photos aren't that great. I assume viewers found this post by searching for information on this battle.

Finally we come to a couple of posts that are aligned with the "Shenandoah" theme of this blog and have pretty scenes. The View from Stony Man Overlook has several photos taken from Skyline Drive. (Click on them to see larger versions.)

Also from the mountains we have Skyline Drive on a Cold Evening.  I'm leaning toward one of these for my picture of the year.  What do you think?

Your comments are appreciated!


  1. The Shenandoah photos are definitely my favorites.. They are lovely.. I wish you and your family all the best in 2015. A very Happy & Healthy New Year!

  2. Like the rolling hills. I was trying to think what post I had the most on. Seems it was in the title. Happy New Year.

  3. It is a neat Mission Style lamp. Perhaps people are just looking for a picture of one, and your picture is a nice one.

  4. I agree with your logic, and love the Shenandoah photos. That one of the lights is neat! But the view of Stony Man Mtn captures the Parkway best for someone who has only been there twice and probably won't get there again.

  5. You know I love all of your photos from Skyline Drive.. Today my fav's are the sunbeam one and the icy one.... Wonderful!!!!

    Happy New Year. I am having Meniscus Tear Knee Surgery on Jan. 8... I'll be so glad to get that done so that I can be pain-free... Yeah.

  6. I always struggle with this post-- New Years Day. Some years I'll just say $#@**& it and post a new photo. Depends on how I feel. I have a mission-style lamp just my right as I post this.

  7. Something from Skyline Drive suits the occasion. They are beautiful shots. I just went with favourite shots from the year.

    I did look at some of the stats for views of my posts in the last few months, and for some reason, my post on old tools in the Bytown Museum got over 1700 views.

  8. I don't know why, but I like the shadow shot in black and white. It just attracts me to it.

  9. Great shots! My favorite is the first one with the beautiful sky from the Skyline Drive on a Cold Evening post.


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