December 30, 2014

Late December Random Photos

Blog Post #4745: Good, Random and Fun

The Good

sign at service stationIt's been a long time since we saw gas selling for under $2 a gallon in Virginia. Affordable gas is good news for consumers. (I realize it's not good for some business interests, but for families on a budget, it's very helpful.)

Our car actually requires medium grade gas, but I had "bonus points" that earned us a discount so our price was under $2 a gallon. I was delighted!

The Random

mounted deer head

Don't worry! This isn't really Rudolph! That red nose is held on with a string.

The Fun

Marie and Me

Susan and her Dad
Bouncy Bridge in Bridgewater, VA


  1. I like the red nose on that deer!

  2. we had gas in town for 1.83 yesterday. nice!

  3. I wouldn't mind crossing that bridge, though I imagine it might give some people problems!

  4. When I was in the Girl Scouts, we went to camp and there was a bouncy bridge there that we use to have to cross. Kind of fun when you are a kid... heck, I may still even like it.

  5. Gas came down to $1.91 a gallon here this week. It was good to see that!


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