November 14, 2014

Wind Farm in West Virginia

Seen from Corridor H
Looking in the Opposite Direction

wind turbineOn a cloudy day in October we drove into West Virginia. After stopping at an antique show in Wardensville, we drove out Corridor H, which is the extension of Route 55/ US 48 on a new superhighway westward past Moorefield. I wanted to see where it currently ends, which is near the town of Scherr. It turned out to be only about 5 miles farther west from where we rode on it last year. But it looks like the next section may be completed soon.

There's an overlook near Scherr where you can see the wind turbines riding the ridge top for miles. It struck me as odd that these machines are working away in coal country, but I'm glad that West Virginia is moving forward in alternatives to coal, which is a finite resource and has cost the lives of many miners. Last year we drove along behind big lumbering coal trucks practically in the shadow of these new towers.

I read that the Mt. Storm Wind Farm has 132 wind turbines and extends for 12 miles along the Allegheny front, one of the windiest spots east of the Mississippi.

wind farm

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  1. Lovely shots - I really like those autumn colours.

  2. I have visited West Virginia a couple of years back. And I loved it.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Nice fall colors! There are tons of these wind farms here in Oregon, located along the east end of the Columbia River Gorge.

  4. I guess all the wind mills are why they call it wind farm

  5. Love the closeup of the windmill and all the beautiful fall colors.
    We have a lot of those windmills not far from here.

  6. Gorgeous shots. I have seen these here as well... but watching them turn has an unsettling effect on me... I end up feeling nauseous.

  7. The autumn landscape is beautiful but I can't say I like how the turbines look. My sister lives in a town on the north shore of Lake Erie where there are large numbers of wind turbines like this. The residents are exhibiting illness, depression, sleep issues, headaches, anxiety .. and as William indicated, nausea. There are also negative effects on bird and bats. I'm not so sure it's such a good green solution - at least in such close proximity to neighbourhoods.

  8. those fall colors are just amazing. i am totally shocked by how huge those windmills are ... they are true monsters. happy weekend to you! ( :

  9. Those are pretty fall colors. I'm always glad to see the wind turbines as another source of energy.

  10. I have mixed feelings about windfarms (lots of them here in Pacific NW) but I've taken many pix of them as they are very picturesque and the countryside around them usually pretty. It sure is where yours are -- wonderful colors.

  11. I didn't know they'd put in wind farms up there.


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