November 15, 2014

Benny at the Vet's

Last week I took our cocker spaniel to the vet. One of his ears was infected again so they treated that. Dr. Coston checked to see how Ben's heart murmur was doing and found out that it has increased. They performed a blood test and said that Benny has heart disease, but it is not advanced enough to treat. Still, I feel concerned about it. He seems to be doing well most of the time.

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Lab results 


  1. Hope they didn't use fluoroquinolones. Our poor pets get floxed, too!

  2. I sure hope Ben getting better soon. We had a cocker spaniel once, cute little pup we called Inky.

  3. now i'll be singing elton john all day...

  4. Benny. Benny y y. Benny. Benny at the Vets. Sorry.. see what you started and Tex continued?

    I'm sorry your Benny is having difficulties. If you trust your vet, have faith in his treatment or lack thereof. I hope your boy has at least a few good years still.

  5. Poor thing. I hope it doesn't get worse.

  6. I do hope things improve. Ben's a good boy.

  7. I'm sorry to hear he has health problems. He's a handsome fellow.

  8. Thanks for the comments! Yes, I was playing with the Elton John lyrics there. We used to have a dog named Guppy and I would sing "Benny and the Gup."

    For some reason I sing silly songs to my dogs.


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