September 2, 2014

Good, Random, and Fun: Family Snapshots

For the Random-osity linkup, I'm posting some recent photos of me and family members. The first one counts as "good" because it's great that our garden produced some veggies, even though this squash was ridiculously big. So far the only vegetables we've gotten this year were squash —I've never been very successful as a gardener. 

The next two images are random ones of Frank and me.

I'm classifying the rest of these as "fun."

Cardboard Queen


Our View
Lynn found a Drowsy Doll like she had as a child.


  1. Quite an eclectic mix. You'd be a better gardener than me. I'd end up inadvertently destroying everything.

  2. Aw, I enjoyed seeing these. Love all the happy smiles. :)

  3. Bom colhermos nossos próprios legumes, linda família! bj

  4. Ah but you are a better gardener than me. I didn't even plant a vegetable garden this year. Love your random photos; everybody looks happy.

  5. Love the picture with the cardboard queen, I did a double take! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Well that was good, random fun. I enjoyed this very much. Great to see candid shots of you as well and the fun one with the cardboard queen, that made me smile.

  7. Our zucchini got the size of ball bats this year. I tried to catch them early, but they grew so fast and we were so busy that most of them got huge.


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