March 9, 2014

Potted Flowers Profusion

We saw these colorful plants at a craft show. Student were selling them to raise money for a trip.

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  1. Very nice... I'm ready to see some blooms like that growing!

  2. pretty. nice idea for a fundraiser.

  3. That is a good way to raise some money... and quite lovely!

  4. Very good and colorful photography. A good week

  5. cyclamen are gorgeous in both leaf and flower. What a nice display.

  6. Because of busy times and virusses I haven't been very active on my blog and the blogs of others last few weeks. I am sorry for that :-)

    You posted some nice work lately! I enjoyed reading your posts!! :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands! ;-)
    Gert Jan Hermus

  7. Very pretty! I bet they had some good sales.

  8. These are beautiful. OUr high school horticulture classes have a sale every spring. They sell out in just a few hours. Great plants and great bargains.


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