February 28, 2014

Street Scene, Harrisonburg

I'm posting this photo for the March theme for City Daily Photo: People on the Street. The location is Main Street at Newman Street in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Since the topic involves people, allow me to crop in tightly so you can see them. The store with signs depicting cats is Blue Ridge Dog. Sorry, I don't know the story behind this.

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  1. Nice! The second photo looks like a painting....

  2. Cool shots. I really like the cropped one.

  3. Blue Ridge Dog is a good name for a store!

  4. fun, cool street shots!!

    have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. It looks like perhaps they share their space with the adoption center.

  6. There must be some cute animals in that window!

  7. i like how you showed the same shot but cropped!

  8. Good result for your theme day post! I like how you put the two photos together like that on your post.

    If you’d like to see my Theme Day post, it’s up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo. Thanks!


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