February 27, 2014


I took this photo two days ago showing one of the county roads between our subdivision and Strasburg Road. As you can see, it was pretty rough.

After numerous complaints by residents, workers showed up today and spread new gravel. This is a temporary fix, of course. Another round of snow or rain will open the holes back up.

This is a gravel road and so far we've been unable to get it paved. Apparently Warren County has to put it in their 5-year plan before Virginia Department of Transportation will pave it. It's a county road but maintained by the state.

If you are a Virginia resident and want to report a road condition, you can do it online on the VDOT site. I've found they respond quickly to requests for warning signs and such, but potholes can take a while.


  1. Wow, that's gotta be hard on a car!

  2. I really haven't noticed many in our area this year, we only had the one big snow so maybe that has something to do with it.

  3. ours is paved but still gets terrible pot holes with the ground heaving and hoing.

  4. The potholes are terrible here this year. This winter has been really rough on the roads.

  5. We get them here throughout the winter. Soon it'll be time for them to be filled again.

  6. That's the most potholes I have ever seen on one stretch of road! Hope that gets fixed soon!

  7. Potholes drive me crazy. No so much when I am in a big truck but now that we have a little car, its like I can feel every crack in the road. I would like to invite you post a like to your blog over on the blog hop I am hosting. Have a great day.


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