January 5, 2014

Snowy Day Bird Watching

Suddenly our back yard is very popular! The snow has covered the usual food sources so the birds are flocking to feeders.

As the snow was falling, I noticed that the seed bell was on the ground, probably because a squirrel had swung on it until it came off it's hook. I went out and placed it on a flagpole bracket.

Some birds hang on the wire bell and chip away at the seed, and they quickly devoured most of it. Other birds prefer to stand underneath and try to reach the seed. The gray and white junco just waits patiently until seed drops to where he can reach it easily.

Our other feeders attract a variety of birds too, including this bright-colored finch. I was lucky to catch him looking my way!


  1. Nothing wrong with bired watching in the garden, best way sometimes

  2. The poor birds. So glad there are kind souls watching over them during the harsh winter months. Your photos of them are fantastic!

  3. I see you are having the same experience we are with the birds and the weather. We seem to have the same birds as well. Stay warm!

  4. Great pictures! I wouldn't want to be a bird on a wintry day like today.

  5. Wow! A gorgeous series!

    I hope that you'll have a great week! ;-)
    Gert Jan Hermus

  6. I'm glad these birds are alive and well in the midst of a cold winter! Great captures all around.

  7. Nice pictures! Appreciate the effort for clicking pics in this weather:)


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