January 6, 2014

A Little Snow, A Little Flare

I like to shoot toward the sun. Yes, it's against the rules because you may get the dreaded lens flare. Usually I avoid it by standing in the shade but that's not always possible. So in this case, let's just call this a special effect.


  1. I agree. It is an excellent shot.

  2. I shoot into the sun much of the time, some of my best photos were done like that. It takes practice and a few screwed up shots but it is fun.

  3. Sometimes it's okay to break the rules! :)

  4. Lindas fotografias e ás vezes os efeitos são surpreendentes.
    E a neve com as aves são uma maravilha

  5. It certainly works with this one!

    I find it takes a little figuring things out. I've got a pic of a church shot into the sun that'll end up posted sooner or later.. it worked out beautifully.


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