November 9, 2013

Flying by the Crescent Moon

Shortly before dusk I went out in the yard with my camera. I was hoping to see a nice sunset but I couldn't help noticing a huge gathering of vultures in the sky. They were soaring around and appeared to be socializing with each other.

And there was a bright silver sliver, a crescent moon. When the birds flew in front of the moon, I started shooting pictures.

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  1. Lovely photos!
    Have a nice sunday! RW & SK

  2. Very nice! It looks like the birds shall have a rest on the moon ;-)

    Many greetings from the Netherlands,

  3. They must have been socializing before flying off to their roost. I can imagine how nasty that place must be.

  4. i love when the vultures kettle like that. very cool with the moon slice.

  5. They always look so graceful swooping in the sky. Nice shots!

  6. I used to think all the beautiful soaring birds were hawks of some kind. Now that I know they are vultures, they are still beautiful, but when perched in a tree, I think Hitchcock!


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