November 9, 2013

Blog Post #4100

Blogging Since 2005

Forty-one hundred posts! How's that for perseverance?

I post almost daily, usually in the evening. Sometimes I post twice a day. Yet I have hundreds of nice photos that I haven't shared, and some of them will just languish on my hard drive indefinitely.

Most likely I labor over my photos longer than I should. Often I just intend to resize them and sign them, but once I open them in Photoshop, I can't resist the temptation to crop and brighten them.

Photoshop is a great tool and I enjoy the creative aspects of using it. But sometimes I wonder if I should spend my time creating something that lasts longer, or something that makes money, or something that makes more of a difference in the world.

Yet if I didn't produce this blog, I'd problem spend my evenings reading or watching television. After all, I'm tired after dinner and don't feel like doing something very strenuous. Fixing up photos and writing a blog post are interesting enough to hold my attention.

Most of my regular readers are also bloggers, so this question is for them: Do you feel that blogging is time well spent?


  1. I'm not a voracious poster like you are, so there isn't much time spent doing that, however, taking time to read (and I don't skim) posts that others put out there, is insanely time consuming. I do it for the friendship aspect, more than anything else, because that's not something I seek out in the real world. If it wasn't for blogging, I'd probably sit here like a wart on a pickle and watch the peephole to paradise all day long... but I might also find time to clean up my house, too. LOL!

  2. Ido, because it leads me to do more photography, it encourages me to believe I can write, it let's me try out ideas, it makes me feel connected in a totally new way!

  3. i don't know about time well spent, but i surely spend a lot of time at it. i started blogging to share the beauty i have around me. if i quit, i'm not sure what i'd ever do with photos. like you, i have a bunch that sit unused. :)

  4. I think it is. It's a creative outlet, in one way or another. Photoblogs, I find, are less time consuming from the reader's point of view, than writer's blogs.

  5. 4100 posts! That's impressive!

    I think blogging is worthwhile. If nothing else, it gives us a place to express ourselves, but it also allows us to make friends and learn about others all around the world.


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