October 19, 2013

Still Not Rented

We have not found a tenant for our house in Glebe Harbor yet. I'm concerned because winter is coming soon and not many people are looking for water-oriented homes once winter sets in.

When we bought the house over a decade ago, we lived in Northern Virginia and this waterfront house made a nice second home for us. However when we retired we went to live in the mountain resort, and eventually moved to a lakefront home with a mountain view. No longer needing a "get-away," we've been leasing the extra house out to folks who want to live in the Northern Neck. It's a great area for fishing and boating.

Looking Out the Back Door

Living Room Windows

Part of the Kitchen
We've been advertising the house online and several people have toured the house. So far we haven't found tenants, probably because the place is not close to major employment centers. Richmond are Fredericksburg are the nearest cities but they are each over an hour away.

Listed on Postlets


  1. That just might be the reason!

  2. Good luck to you. Our former home is up for sale, but who knows how long it will take to find a buyer. Real estate isn't doing very well in that area right now.

  3. Looks lovely. Hope you find some tenants soon.


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