October 19, 2013

After the Battle is Over...

It's the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek in Middletown, Virginia. Today and tomorrow are big days here for living history events including staged battles.

So where do Civil War soldiers go after a battle? Well, these folks went to nearby Strasburg to find some fast food.


  1. Love it, great contrast! :-)

  2. THAT is priceless! I was at a PowWow a couple years back (before a cell phone with a camera and had taken students on a field trip, hence no camera at all) and a native fellow dressed up as a chief was talking on a cell phone, and it was one of those moments like this! LOVE it!

  3. This is a neat photo. Talk about time travel!

  4. Totally different from my costumes!

    A Native fellow dressed as chief was probably a chief, btw...


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