October 24, 2013

Saturday at Passage Creek

I felt disappointed Saturday morning because I really wanted to go to one of the weekend events or at least go "leaf-peeping" but instead I was stuck at home waiting for a handyman to come fix a leak in our roof. And Frank was helping with a neighborhood clean-up that had been postponed from the previous Saturday due to a rainstorm.

It was around 3 before we got out for a ride, too late for events but not too late to take in some autumn scenery. Fortunately some of the prettiest scenery anywhere is close to our home.

These scenes are along Route 678 in George Washington National Forest. It runs along beautiful Passage Creek through a narrow gorge between Waterlick and Dilbeck, Virginia. (I realize that most people don't know where either of these little towns are. Waterlick is between Strasburg and Front Royal and Dilbeck is in Fort Valley.)

See this post for more details.


  1. that first shot is really beautiful.

  2. I love them both! The second one is a wonderful slice-of-life scene:)

  3. You are very fortunate to live surrounded by so much beauty.

  4. Love the fall colors! I like watching the water swirling around in the video.

  5. Beautiful colours. A part of the continent I haven't seen- unless we passed through when I was a child. I'd love to go there myself.

  6. It looks like autumn is a lot more colorful in your parts than around here in SF Bay! Beautiful views you're sharing with us. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.


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